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Before you get started, please read the following guidelines:

1. This is a test to validate your customer communication skills, from an Customer Success/Account Management perspective.
2. The test can take you some time, so please feel free to copy the questions and work on them out of this typeform. When you are ready, simply paste your answers here.
3. You can use all kinds of resources to craft your answers (that must be 100% original); for instance, your knowledge of Typeform, and our Help Center (
Case #1 

The user, with a Basic account, wants to upgrade but needs a feature not available (a similar functionality can be achieved with a workaround).

I would like to offer a downloadable PDF once users submit the form. Does TypeForm offer this feature? We'll be using on WordPress site.
Any information you can share is greatly appreciated. This is a deal breaker for us to upgrade to Pro.

Thank you,
Case #2

A user has found a bug in the platform at 17h on a Friday afternoon. There are no developers in the office and the earliest anyone will be able to look into the issue would be Monday (this does not mean the bug will be fixed then). How would you respond to this user? What would you say to the person responsible for prioritizing bug resolution? (that is, actions not only facing the user, but to the company team as well)

I am supposed to have six completed results as mentioned on my dashboard, however upon trying to see the results there is just all blanks for two different responses. I know this is cannot be the case because in both cases, all questions were required and they both spent nearly an hour answering the question.I use these results in order to send out orders to my clients and guarantee a 48-hour delivery service. What is going on, and can those be recovered? This is urgent.

Case #3

A PRO user wants to have multiple users on their account (opportunity to upsell to PRO+).

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to know if I can have multiple accounts login to the system and have different viewing rights?

Case #4

Respond to this request from a team member of a PRO+50 account, which is from a Global 500 company.


I'd like to know if Typeform can do the following: Can you host flash files, html files, videos ? Can the sender be personalized if I want to send my typeform by e-mail? Does typeform have a way to send these emails based on a list that is imported to the system?

Thank you
Case #5

Respond to this request from one of your new accounts, who is unfamiliar with Stripe. What solutions would you give?


I want to connect my forms with payments, but my case is a bit special since my clients apply for a trip, so we don't take payment right away. I want people to fill out the form and their credit card info, but I don't want it to withdraw the money right away. I want to be able to manually do that, fx in Stripe - Is that possible?Also you write that Stripe is only possible through PRO version in some countries, and Denmark is not one of them. Is that still correct or can we use it now?
Case #6

A user wrote to inform us that they are going to cancel.  How would you go about trying to save them? (you are unsure of the size of the company)

Hey Folks,
Thanks for creating an awesome service. Unfortunately I think the new PRO+ plans are outside of what we can budget for as a group of people putting together a not-for-profit event. I felt like what we were paying for PRO ($25US per month) was something we could absorb as part of our costs for a bi-annual event, but at $70US per month (plus) I just don't think we can justify that over using Google docs and their forms. Nowhere near as nice, but still functionally do the job.Just thought I should probably provide this feedback rather than just canceling the plan without any information as to why.

Scenario #1

Write the email you’d send to a user to offer them a webinar/training session

Scenario #2

What questions would you ask a PRO user to evaluate if they have potential for PRO+ ?

Scenario #3

A PRO+ customer on a monthly plan tells you that they love typeform but their project has come to an end and they won’t be needed it right now.  The customer works in Customer Success and used typeform to run a yearly feedback survey.

Write the response you would send this customer.

Scenario #3

Create a short presentation about Logic jumps (max 3 slides) that you would present to users who have never used the feature and upload it here.

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